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Infrastructure Repair/Build

Provide a safe, hygienic, comfortable and conducive environment for learning

ARK supports the repair and construction of certain infrastructure and design elements on school grounds that would facilitate a healthy and safe learning environment.  

The projects are site and issue specific.  In the pilot school, Sibariwan Elementary School, ARK funded the construction of a:

1)   roof covering 3 classrooms - eliminated water leaks and flooding that occurred in classrooms during heavy downpour and the 3-month rainy season.  It enabled the teachers to conduct class, and reduced sickness and absences among students.  

2)   ceiling for 4 classrooms -  provided insulation against the heat that is absorbed by the metal roof and provided placement for electric lights.   This enabled teacher and students to be in a comfortable state while in the classroom and to have classes during “dark” or “grey” days. 

3)   steel library doors – protect and maintain the recently donated books and computers during non-school hours in the library

4)   basic kitchen – enabled the preparation, cooking and provisioning of food


All projects are executed on a collaborative basis, with the community, including parents, teachers and other residents taking full ownership of the project during and after construction:  

1)   The parents lend their skills, donate their time and labor, and in certain projects, their own money

2)   The teachers organize, monitor, and manage the projects, and document progress, completion and flow of funds

3)   The school donates available raw material such as wood from their forested land

4)   ARK provides the funds to purchase construction materials